We are constantly looking for creative and talented engineers that would like to join our team.

As a theoretical base you have a degree from a university of technology and 5 years or more of relevant practice in the industry from electrical engineering or computer science.

Mail us an introduction of yourself together with some short facts about your background as a start. Based on that we will give you feedback about a possible next step.

Mail to: career at

AsiusTech has taken its name from Asius, son of Hyrtacus. Asius was the leader of the Trojan allies that hailed from on or near the Dardanelles. Read more about him in Wikipedia.

Network & partners

We provide our services from AsiusTech in combination with resources within our extensive network including component suppliers, design service companies and individual experts.

We have a partnership with ORSoC around System on chip solutions.

Together with Alelion Batteries we offer sales of and solutions based on lithium batteries.

The company that makes difference

AsiusTech was established in Stockholm and Gothenburg in 2008. Our belief is that professional cost cut services mixed with design services is something the industry needs.

The company has employees with a long background from design services as well as manufacturing industry. To service our customers we have a wide network of component suppliers, design service companies and individual experts, tied to us.

We offer design, development and project management services. Together with our deep knowledge of cost reduction electronics based on hundreds of studies carried out in recent years, we can take responsibility for all or part of the development process, from concept to prototype and end products.

Industry experience is established in the telecom infrastructure, medical, automotive and industrial sector.


The founders have all been working together for more than 10 years and among them there is a business experience from more than 30 years coming from both the EMS industry during the last years and before that from the design service companies Frontec and BlueLabs.